Seasons Yield Farm is a family owned, “direct to consumer,” sustainable farm in Raphine, VA offering seasonal food products to the local community through on-the-farm sales and community drop points. We offer pure Maple Syrup, Pasture Raised Eggs, Pastured Broiler Chickens and Turkeys and Pork, as well as a diverse variety of vegetables from a market garden. We will steward the land utilizing sustainable farming practices which improve soil fertility, biodiversity and the surrounding environment.

Hi!  And Welcome.  We are Daniel and Fawn Shear and this is our farm- Seasons' Yield.

We are a fortunate family pursuing our dream to own and operate a farm. We have not always had this dream, but it has developed over the past few years as we have become more conscious about what we eat, where our food comes from and quality of life for our family. Fawn and I met and married while attending Wheaton College (IL) in 2010, moved with the military while I deployed several times as an Army Infantry Officer. We transitioned from the active to reserve military duty in 2016 and moved to Virginia to live our dream.

Our excitement for farming began when we were introduced to Hugh Fernley Whittingstall’s T.V. miniseries. His quirky nature aside, Hugh’s excitement for locally sourced wholesome food was contagious. In a matter of weeks after finishing the series, we were driving home with two hogs, two goats, and a small flock of chickens in the backseat of our car.

That was 4 years ago and since that time, our passion and excitement have grown through books, farm visits, hobby scale agriculture, and our first full-time farm year in 2016. We hope that Tirzah (6) and Thaddaeus (3) and Finneus (2wks) will catch the excitement as they grow. We want to work together to nourish our family and community with whole food.

In addition to daily farm operations, Fawn homeschools the children and Daniel is employed with the local fire department and serves in the Virginia National Guard.

Please help yourself and enjoy. We will look forward to meeting you soon!