Maple Water

The maple tree yields a Sap, which has a much pleasenter taste than the best Limonade or Cherry-water, and makes the wholesomest drink in the World... of this Sap they make Sugar and Syrup, which is so valuable, that there cannot be a better remedy for fortifying the Stomach
— Louis, Baron de la Hontan, Nouveaux voyages dans l'Ameriqu Septentrionale, 1703

Really, it's just amazing.

This sap, this maple water, this life-giving, life-sustaining liquid.

Simply amazing.

Amazing because we, as farmers, have done nothing to make it flow.  We did not plant them, we did not weed, nor water, nor fertilize~ and yet, they continue to give.  Just this year, we have boiled over 1,500 gallons of maple sap... and it is still flowing.

Amazing because it is just sap.  Tree sap.  And yet through a simple act of boiling it is transformed into a delicacy unlike any other in the World.  Like water into wine. 

A miracle.

Maple-water, which is the sap of that tree, is equally delicious for Frenchmen as for the Savages who in the Springtime take their fill of it... With a small hole, which they make with a hatchet in the maple, they can distill ten or twelve pots. That which seems to me remarkable in the maple-water is that, by boiling, it is reduced to a veritable syrup and becomes as sugar, of a brown color.
— Chrestien Le Clerq, Nouvelle relation de la Gaspesie, 1691

Amazing, because of the way it nourishes...

Tree sap, then, is water that carries certain minerals taken by the roots from the soil and certain organic substances manufactured by the leaves from sun and air. These mineral and chemical compounds, dissolved in water, provide the nourishment upon which roots, trunk, branches, and leaves depend for their life and growth.
— Nearing, Scott, The Maple Sugar Book. pg 122.

Not only does this water nourish the tree, but also those who are lucky enough to drink of it's raw sweetness.

Did you know that maple sap has been shown to "provide support for osteoporosis, prevent gastric ulcer formation, lower blood pressure, mitigate alcoholic hangovers, support a healthy immune system, and off dietary antioxidants" ( the health benefits of drinking maple sap)? And that it offers such vitamins and minerals as manganese, riboflavin, calcium, potassium, iron, and zinc?

Really, it's just amazing.

If ever you get the chance, I strongly encourage you to try some of this life-giving water.

I was regaled here with the juice of the maple; this is the season of its flowing. It is extremely delicious, has a most pleasing coolness, and is exceedingly wholesome.
— P.F.X. de Charlevoix, Journal d'un Voyage fair par Ordre du Roi dans l'Amerique Septentrionnalle, 1744

Here at the farm we have been filling our mason jars constantly and enjoying each sip.

Our new favorite is to brew our coffee with this juice.  It makes the coffee seem like the most delicately sweet delight~ it's easy to find myself sipping on it all the day long.  Sometimes black~ sometimes with a touch of cream~ sometimes if I am looking for even a little extra sweetness, with a teaspoon of the syrup itself.

The verdict?

Simply amazing. 

The perfect thing to nourish oneself in the February chill, on a snowy walk through the forest, or through a 5:30 am boiling session.

Head on over to the farm... we have a cup waiting just for you.