And so our story begins

I am giddy right now.

Simply giddy!

Giddy that I actually get to be doing this.  Sitting here, like this, and writing to you.  Giddy that I get to begin our blog!  We have been dreaming of doing this - this farm life - and here we are.  Simply giddy.

Right now the children are asleep, I can hear the soft whir of their fan from where I sit with a cozy blanket tucked tight round and a cup of coffee in hand.  Candles are lit in the living room and I have the whole house to myself... a rare occasion with our family of four living in the basement of my in-law's house.  With all of our coming and going and playing and schooling combined with their own rhythms and routines, it can be a bit crazy around here.

Glorious chaos... as my Mother in Law Marlene calls it.  Glorious chaos.

But this moment?  A glorious gift.

A month ago now, my husband Daniel and I, along with our two children Tirzah and Thaddaeus, moved away from Savannah, Georgia, out of the Active Duty Army life, to Raphine, Virginia and a farm with 40 acres.  And we are loving it.

Don't get me wrong though- it has been quite the adjustment and transition.  In every moment it seems we find ourselves equally overwhelmed and grateful.

Overwhelmed by the giant to-do list that stares at us every morning as we try and get this farm up and going. Overwhelmed with the new career for my husband Daniel (fire-fighting) and all the training involved.  Overwhelmed with the fact that chickens, pigs, and bees, and a very large garden will be under our stewardship in just a few short months.

And yet... completely and abundantly grateful.  Dreaming of and planning for this has been our souls' delight for the past few years and now the time has come.  We are grateful that the work we have ahead of us is good work- work that will nourish us in mind and body and soul.  We are grateful for the Lord's guidance of our every step, for His perfect timing, and for His present and future provisions as Daniel steps forward into a new job.  We are grateful for the chance to sustain our family and hopefully, our close community, with real, whole, nourishing food.

Overwhelmed and yet very, very grateful.

And so our story begins.