So much has been happening here on the farm, with Spring in all it's beautiful glory, animals arriving, garden being tilled and planted, and visits to Florida and Illinois... I have hardly had time to think let alone write!  So please enjoy these pictures of the garden being tilled and know that much more is very soon to come!

Happy Spring to you and your family... We can't believe it is April already!

So this garden of ours, is just a miracle already.  We rented the tiller and prepared 21 rows for our vegetables.  We had the most beautiful compost delivered at the end of our 1/3 mile driveway and had to load up our trailer a few times to haul it all up to the garden sight, in the meadow.  Once we layered compost over all the rows (which, there was EXACTLY just enough compost to cover all the rows... a miracle in and of itself), we covered each row with about 2 inches of wood chips that Daniel and Papa had chipped last fall.  We had to load and haul all of this as well throughout the garden (which again, the exact amount!).  It might not look like much, but this precious parcel of land took 10 hours to create... and we are so thrilled we get to spend so many more hours in it over this next season.

These photos were from that long day of preparation, with a picture of sweet Tirzah and Thaddaeus happily playing in the teepee we brought out to the meadow.  Now, the garden's first rows have been filled with shallots, garlic, spinach, arugula, radishes, and 200 onions.  Every seed has been prayed over and we plant and water but trust that it is the Lord that causes them to grow. 

And so we dig in the dirt, we plant, we pray, and we wait, with eager hope and anticipation of the yield that is yet to come!