That single word can cause so many thoughts and even emotions to well up within our souls.

The smells of home.  The sights of home.  The voices, the music, the tastes, the touch of home.  The people who make up our home.

It's a word that has been on my heart for years~ something that I have longed to create~ something that I love to think upon and live out and embody for my husband and children.


A place to belong, to feel loved and valued, to serve and be served, to give and receive and celebrate all that is good.
— Clarkson, Sally and Sarah, The Life Giving Home, Pg. xx

I have been delighting in a new book: The Life Giving Home.  It's whole purpose is to help those who read it in "creating a place of belonging and becoming".  It talks about the importance of home~ how every moment can be used to serve those who find themselves within your home, how every meal can be a celebration, and how every corner can display beauty.  The book goes month by month describing different ways your home can and should be a refuge and a place of rest for both you and your community.

I highly encourage everyone to enjoy it!

I love spending time planning~ planning meals and daily rhythms, planning special dates and our homeschool schedule.  I am always searching for new and fresh ideas on ordering my home (like how to get all those dishes done and who can possibly find time to mop the floors?), what the best routine for our day is, how best to incorporate all that I hope to teach our children before they leave our home.  I do also love spontaneity, but I thrive off of set rhythms and my mind sorts through life with routines. 

What I am learning, lately, is that to create the home I desire for my family does indeed take time and intentionality.  That it is good work spending those moments scheduling and re-scheduling.

They too, are intentionally creating lives that reflect God’s beauty, the vast dimensions of the joys of life to be celebrated there, and the possibility of unconditional love made flesh... that to craft a truly welcoming, truly lifegiving home is a deeply satisfying work, one of the greatest glories of any life.
— Clarkson, Sally and Sarah, The Life Giving Home, pg. 10

Before we moved into the basement of Greg and Marlene's house, I often wondered how meals and meal planning were going to look of who would buy the groceries and when or what type of cleaning routine would need to be in place.

I wondered: how do you create home when you merge two families together?

Home, for the six of us in this season, is more deeply enriched with the amazing grace and generosity of Greg and Marlene: it is a sweet season of abundance.  And for us, home looks like:

Making meals together

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Marlene and I have created a simple cooking plan so we know exactly when it is our turn to cook for the family.  We enjoy hot meals for every meal and most days the whole family is able to join for at least two out of the three meals.  Our favorites lately: soaked oatmeal, sourdough bread, eggs and meat, homemade granola, scones, muffins, or waffles for breakfast.  Lunch: leftovers or homemade soup.  Dinner: Curry beef main dishes, Marlene's ribs with roasted broccoli, pizza, nourishing soups with homemade bread.

Celebrating life

Making special moments of large events like birthdays and holidays, but also celebrating the everydayness of this gift called life.

Creating a place of love, forgiveness, and grace

Creating a place of continued education and learning

Truly, my heart's desire is to nourish my family.  To nourish their bodies with homemade meals.  To nourish their souls with abundant love.  To nourish their minds with the Word of God and all that is "true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, praiseworthy" (Philippians 4:8).

Home is the place where I get to do all these things.  It is the backdrop where I can nourish bodies and souls and minds.

But oh how far I have to go!   To be more consistent in restoring order, in offering grace and love more than a stern word with impatience.  In surrounding them daily with beauty which ultimately extends the eternal Home right here in our own home.

And I know I will fail~ those stinky diapers will inevitably become a huge heap someday.  That sink full of dishes might stay that way for a few days.  And our daily routine will most assuredly be interrupted with life.

But still I purpose to work towards that end.  To nourish and create and offer life through my home.

For God created a world of order and beauty, of life and of song, of joy and of grace.

And so I, Lord willing, will create a home to reflect those too.


Will you make this home a happy place aglow with warmth and cheer;
a friendly place so everyone feels truly welcome here;
a peaceful and contented place that is filled with trust and love;
will you bless it from above?
— A Dayspring Greeting Card