Mornings on the Farm

I have to say, the mornings here on the farm are becoming my new favorite.

The alarm goes off at 5:20 and Daniel and I are slowly out of bed and bleary-eyed making the French press coffee.

I usually step first into the Laundry Room to begin some wash and fold the laundry from the day before.  I find the quiet of the room and the soft whirring of the washing machine and the slow rhythms of folding to be almost therapeutic for me.  Plus, I'm on my knees.  It seems that's the best way to begin a day, that, like the laundry I am folding, is fresh and free from stains.

The coffee is ready by the time I step out and then it is a sweet devotional time before farm chores begin at 6:30.

  And so Daniel and I step out hand in hand into the fresh morning air.

The pigs are usually still asleep when we arrive~ it seems they need their beauty rest.

Every second morning, Daniel and I move the electric fencing that surrounds the pigs' paddock, rotating to a new section of fresh pasture.  It's pretty amazing actually, to watch a pig nose through the new pasture~ they truly were created for rooting and foraging. 

The chickens are always already awake and singing their morning song.  After the pigs have been moved, we move the chicken coop to the paddock the pigs just left.  They love scratching through the grain leftover from the pigs and eating insects and larvae out of the pig droppings.

It's beautiful, almost, how it all works together.  The pigs first, the chickens next, and then rest for the land.  This rotational grazing has been used for centuries, (although it is highly out of practice now), and it is optimal for the animals' health, and the health of the land.


Yes, the mornings here are my favorite.  The sun coming up over the ridge behind the house, the song of the birds and chickens, the smell of fresh hay.  I just can't quite seem to get enough of it.

Like a lazy river, these mornings are.  Slow and meandering but completely purposeful and productive, life-giving and essential.  An absolute favorite.