Welcome Baby Chicks!

Life has been wonderfully full here at Seasons' Yield Farm, and we are loving every moment. 

I am especially thankful for this moment, as I sit perched in the window seat of a local coffee shop in Charlottesville, enjoying some time away with Daniel.  We were gifted this day for his birthday...  a day away together.  We spent the morning hiking with friends, enjoyed driving along the back roads with the windows down, are having a few minutes of "work" time right now, and then we will finish off our day at a new restaurant picked out by Daniel's Sister.  What a treat of a day!

It feels strange to be in the big city... seeing all types of people walk by instead of watching all types of animals out the window... it's almost like we don't fit in here anymore with Daniel in his new suspenders and me with, I am sure, some type of farm stuck to me.  Be it straw or a chicken feather, or, PLEASE not, some type of poop.  It's a day of refreshment and togetherness and of retreat.

Back at the farm though, we have been loving every bit of the work.  The pigs are growing bigger by the day, with our biggest boy weighing in at 210 pounds as of last week.  The chickens are faithfully laying and are loyally fertilizing the field each and every day.  The garden is as Tirzah says, "flourishing", praise the Lord!  And in this week we welcomed 40 new lives... our baby chicks.

it's true!  Here in the country, we get our chicks at the local United States Post Office.  Just in a tiny box without any food or water, these sweet baby things arrived and were ready for pick up.  As soon as we brought them home we took them out of the box, one by one, and put their beaks in water.  We were told water was the most important thing for them; that if they were drinking water and eating they would survive.  And they have!  Growing by the day and enjoying their cozy space within the farm shed. 

Each day we come and hold these sweet little lives.  And they seem to be the main attraction on the farm right now with three different groups of friends coming through just this week to hold and love on them.  These chicks will grow here on the farm for about 10 weeks and then... we will be using them for meat.  We are very thankful for their lives and for the nourishment they will provide for our family and our friends and, as they are here, we seek to provide the very best life for them to enjoy.

Ever since we told the children we were to be getting the chicks, Tirzah has been incredibly excited to camp next to them, to offer them nightly protection.  And so they did, Tirzah and Daniel set up the tent, put out the sleeping bags, even built a little fire pit for us to enjoy.  We all enjoyed s'mores and the first fire of the season together and then the two of them, father and daughter, braved the night, warding off predators and making sure every need of the chicks was met.

It is so very good to be out.  To be away for a touch of time to be refreshed and re-energized for all the tasks awaiting us at home.  But it is also so very good to be at home.  To breathe the fresh air each morn and hear the chickens' song and the pigs' grunt and to behold the growth of the garden.  It's just so good. 

Thank you Lord.