Skillet Potatoes

It was my turn to do the chores this afternoon.

I returned home with my arms laden with a beautiful bounty.

41 eggs, 7 potatoes, fresh cut lettuce, and an armful of hydrangeas.

The bounty is a dream!  I can't believe we get to do this!  To care for these chickens and harvest these vegetables that were once tiny seeds planted beneath the soil.

Simply beautiful.

I, on the other hand, not looking so good.  It was my first time moving the pigs to their new paddock by myself.  We are moving the pigs every two days now and by the time the second day rolls around, the paddock they are leaving is just one big mud pit. Even without rain, it's pretty amazing the turmoil the pigs can create in just two days.  Add to it a deluge or two, and it is pure, thick, mud.  The type of mud where you lose your galoshes, if you're not careful.

Well that was what I was working with today.  So needless to say I had mud all over my legs and shorts.  Probably even had a mud imprint of a pig nose somewhere on my body.  I had mud covering my hands as I was moving their water container and the rope with which it is secured was completely caked in it.  I know I must have had mud on my face as well as I tried to keep those fly-aways out of my way.  Completely covered in mud might have been a good description. 

Oh, and shirt completely covered in dirt.  You see my harvest basket wasn't big enough for the bounty (a dream!) and so I had to roll up the bottom of my shirt so as to create a little pouch for the potatoes.  Those freshly dug beautiful potatoes went right in and I happily carried the bounty to the house.  I was loving life and was beyond thankful for the harvest I was carrying in my hands.  Perhaps not so thankful for the looks my five year old daughter greeted me with, but thankful none the less.  A beautiful bounty.

Another thing that is beautiful?  Breakfast skillet potatoes.  Or any-time-of-day potatoes if you are like us.  These potatoes are amazing with scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Or with pesto for lunch.  Or even with a fried egg on top with a fresh green salad on the side for dinner, they never disappoint.  We hope you enjoy them!


Skillet Potatoes

1 Lb. potatoes

Bring a large saucepan full of water to a boil.

Chop the potatoes into bite size chunks and once the water is boiling, add them to the pot.  Boil until mostly soft, about 10 minutes.  Drain.

1 onion, chopped

3 T butter

In a large cast-iron skillet, melt the butter over medium-high heat.  Add the onion and the drained potato pieces.  The key to making these potatoes is to not turn them too much, so they come out with that golden brown color.  So toss them in, and then turn every 3-4 minutes or so, until you have the desired look.  Add salt and pepper and maybe even garlic powder to your liking, and enjoy!


To close this evening, I just wanted to share these with you.

Good night!