Come and walk with me...

Today was a good day.

You know those days?  Where you're together with the ones you love and you are not doing anything special but everything you do is special because you do it together?  If that makes sense at all.  Today was one of those days.

We made a new batch of play dough for Thaddaeus to make his "pancakes and cinnamon rolls".  We went for a walk through the thick forest fog.  We took a bubble bath with the jets on, the three of us crammed together in the big tub.  We set out a picnic blanket and had snacks in front of the television while we watched Cinderella in the middle of the morning.  We went and walked up the waterfall that flows just on the other side of the road.  We worked in the garden and tended the animals together.  We shared a simple meal, with every course an item from the garden.  We read together and we played together.

Today was a good day.

I realized it had been a while since I shared pictures of all that is happening on the farm. So this is just a simple post with simple pictures to share.  May you enjoy each one and perhaps feel like you are right alongside us as we live out and flesh out this dream of ours.  Come!  And enjoy.

Daniel has been baking his Sourdough bread at least once a week now, for friends and neighbors to come pick up and enjoy.  The art of this bread will have to be saved for another post, but I absolutely love to watch him on baking day with flour covering his face and every inch of the counter.  I love to see his passion as he takes that first look at each loaf.  I love that he gets to do this for people.  The picture above is from our delivery to Washington DC last week and we are ever so grateful for people's support and excitement for our farm.

The bees!  We are enjoying them immensely and are daily astounded at what their daily lives involve.  I hope you are able to see in the photo below, almost right in the middle of the picture, one of the bees entering into the hive has her pollen sacs filled.  You can see the bright yellow on both sides of her body.  Amazing!  (Amazing too as no one has been stung yet... although several close calls!)

We just added to our laying hen flock the other day, adding in 20 new ladies.  Praise the Lord we have been receiving orders for eggs and so it was time to grow!  We now have 49 laying hens.  We rotate their fence every other day so they have almost constant access to new grass and insects and soil.

Our chicks are growing!  We just moved them out to the pasture today, actually.  These chicks will be for meat, so we have their coop set up just a touch differently than for the laying hens.  Their small "chicken tractor" as it is called will be moved every day so they have fresh pasture to enjoy. 

The garden has been a continual source of delight for all of us!  Below is a picture of our potato patch... huge!

The beautiful bounty.  As I harvested some fresh lettuce the other morn, I wondered at the thought that the Lord could have created our food to be so boring, so ugly, so plain.  But look at His creativity!  To give us every kind of food to bring forth from the Earth and look at how beautiful it is!

And the pigs... oh my it is hard to describe these characters to you or the adventures they provide for us, almost dailyIt is also hard to capture how big they are getting!  This is not the clearest pictures, but this is "Big Papa", our largest pig.  Weighing in at 210 pounds two weeks ago... here you can see him happily covered in mud and trying very hard to get that itch that is always so hard to get.  Literally, he can lift their shelter up and down as he scratches!

We rotate the pigs every other day as well and now they are deep in the forest, enjoying the shade and all the foraging they could ever desire.  You can see what is left of the land when they are done with a paddock!

May your day have been filled with goodness as well.  Goodness with those that you love and in doing that which you love.  Thank you for taking the time to walk through the farm with me... we hope you will come for a real tour soon!