Our hope is to offer bread every Saturday in the near future. Unfortunately, we are not able to do that quite yet. As such, we try to offer bread every two weeks throughout the year. Thank you for your patience with us as sometimes our schedule does not allow it. Check our website regularly to find out when bread is available.

We open at 9 am and are stationed at the shop, serving pastries and espresso until noon. After that, we become a self-serve shop. Please help yourself to your order.

To place a bread order, please send us an email below. Please make sure to specify for which day you are ordering. Breads are available pre-order only, pastries and all other products are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Breads and pastries freeze and store well; if you are unable to pick up your breads on the exact day, just let us know in your order and we would be happy to freeze them and leave them in our farm shop for you.

Thank you!

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Our next bread days are as follow, we look forward to serving you.

  • Saturday October 19 see you at WADE’S MILL Apple Butter Festival! We will be offering hot coffee and pastries! We look forward to this event all year… don’t miss it!

  • Saturday November 2, 2019: FARM DINNER and Bread pick-up (4 PM) Come and join us! A dinner on us! A dinner to celebrate: YOU! Our faithful customers. The evening begins at 4. Dinner will include Seasons’ Yield pork and chicken, and bread. Please plan to bring a side to share. Custom espresso drinks, pastries, and breads will be for sale. Email us to reserve your place at the table!


  • Oakland

  • Sunflower Whole Wheat

  • Roasted Potato Rosemary

  • Cinnamon Raisin

  • Spelt/Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf

  • Cranberry Walnut

  • Baguette


  • Chocolate Croissant

  • Regular Croissant

  • Morning Buns

  • Focaccia

  • Seasonal Galettes